Iud And Post Sex Bleeding

What Sex Feels Like With An Iud

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Having Sex With An Iud

Threads from your iud should hang out of your cervix into your vagina. After sex i sometimes bleed which is usually light but can last a couple hours or a couple days to where when i wipe the tissue is pinkish n color.

Sex With An Iud

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Bleeding After Sex Causes Concerns

If you're not satisfied with your current treatment, get a referral to a gynecologist who has some expertise with sexual issues. Another common cause of bleeding after sex is engaging in intercourse close to the beginning of your menstrual cycle.

Is Bleeding After Sex An Iud Side Effect

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Bleeding After Sex

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Sex With Iud

In this article, we explore some common causes of bleeding after sex.

Bleeding After Sex With An Iud

Until you reach menopause, any bleeding after sex will likely come through your cervix, which is the narrow opening at the bottom of your uterus.