Why School Picture Day Sucks

Last Day Of School In Zagreb, Croatia

I am looking at two school pictures. Picture day at school is always made up to be a much more important event than it really is. Or as you eloquently phrased it suck.

School Days

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Why Third Grade Sucks I Prefer The Weeping Mothers Of

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Middle School

To describe this girl without being disrespectful. Also considering that hormonal changes, social anxieties and acne will be occurring during this time it really sucks. I brushed my daughters hair the night before her school picture day.

American School System Sucks

Theres a certain point where all kids start to hate school.

Sometimes Your First Day Of School Sucks By Rockygirl

Your adult self will be forever grateful to the kid who turned in such a hilarious school picture.

It's Time For Military School

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School Sucks Shared By Teffy On We Heart It

Life is short, and you'll never get back all the time you wasted at school. Fat mature titties look spectacular as the stunner gets pounded.